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Company Overview

M/S. Dewan Nazrul Islam & Co. (DNICO), Chartered Accountants is a Partnership Firm and established in 1991 with the permission of or taking Practicing Certificate from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh. From the inception of the commencement of professional activities as “Public Accountants, Auditors and Consultants”, this firm undertakes complex, intricate and challenging auditing as well as financial consulting services to gain and earn reputation locally, Gradually our firm was appointed by the multinational companies, ADB, IDA, KFW, SEDA and GOB financed projects. At present, this firm has become an internationally reputed audit firm in Bangladesh. Our skilled and experienced auditing experts are being hired by the overseas auditing firms giving preferential weight age to conduct financial as well as performance auditing and evaluation and reviews of procurements in line with International Accounting Standards (IAS) as well as International Standard on Auditing (ISA) and guidelines issued and adopted by the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and KFW of Germany.


This Firm is basically a consulting, accounting and auditing Firm. This Firm is mainly engaged in  consulting services on financial and performance auditing and evaluation of financial as well as non-financial activities, impact as well as external evaluation, mid-term evaluation, close up evaluation, Performance evaluation, audit of financial operation and financial analytical services, specialized international auditing, consulting and research services and management auditing service and performance appraisal. It may be mentioned here that every auditing tasks include the activities of in-depth investigation, analysis, validation and confirmation of information gathered from the field visit and examination of books of accounts, financial and non-financial information to form an idea to express the professional opinions. This Firm, at present, is capable to engage a good number of consultants and skilled consulting staff at international standard level to carry out, implement and execute the all technical as well as non-technical evaluation tasks, survey, investigation and data administration and management along with required analysis.     

Our Vision

Dewan Nazrul Islam & Co. Chartered Accountants is looking towards its vision 2020 goal “To be known as one of the most trusted chartered accountants firm”

Our efforts and experience are guided by following visions:

  •  Not only to meet the clients expectation but to exceed them.
  •  Not only to solve problem but to provide such a service that problem doesn’t arise.
  •  To maximize gain of the clients by savings in interest / unwarranted expense / abnormal losses and proper business planning.
  •  To uphold high standards of honesty and integrity that make the individual and collective actions of those who work for the organization tuned to truth.
  •  To offer service, in such a manner that adds value.
  •  To create and develop skilled human resources on accounting and auditing profession so that these human resources can contribute in national economy, growth   and financial prosperity.

Our Mission

The mission of the Firm is to develop, conduct, execute and implement the auditing and consulting pursuits in Bangladesh and abroad in line with International Standard on Auditing (ISA), International Accounting Standard (IAS), International Financial Reporting System (IFRS), Bangladesh Accounting Standard (BAS) and Bangladesh Financial Reporting Standard and add values to the clients with integrity and honesty.

Our Philosphy

Dewan Nazrul Islam & Co. Chartered Accountants always maintains high quality in light of Bangladesh Standard on Auditing (BSAs) and Bangladesh Financial Reporting Standards (BFRSs) and any other standard like INTOSOI, General financial rules according to desire of the client. In this process technically qualified and experienced audit personnel are engaged to conduct field work under direct supervision of audit supervisor(s). The audit manager having part qualification in CA profession reviews the work in line with the TOR of a particular assignment before review by the Engagement Partner. The engagement Partner conducts thorough review to ensure that the particular assignment is completed to achieve the set objectives. Finally, the Team Leader (TL) reviews the whole assignment and signs the report.

Our Clients Says